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Growing your Business in challenging times? Your Collaborative Peer to Peer Advisory Board enables growth by bringing together different perspectives from like-minded leaders in a trusting and confidential space. Leveraging our 10 years of experience in over 30 countries, our monthly Boards help owners of small and medium size business to grow through collaborative workshops and mastermind sessions.

The Alpha Group (TAG) membership is all you need to take your business to the next level. Where else can you find qualified, experienced and highly motivated professionals that will focus only on you and your business? You are already doing well?
Of course you are. But you don’t want to just do well, you want to EXCEL!


from a team of qualified, like-minded individuals, ensuring that your business has a variety of opinions,

An opportunity

to focus on strategy: topics of key business growth rather than just day-to-day tasks and putting out fires

Personal satisfaction

and pride, as a member of a high-achieving, aspirational group along with the chance to make trusted new friends and mentors


of knowing that when your organisation meets challenges, they will not be faced alone

Renewed motivation

leading to increased performance and optimism so you can achieve your full potential


that your organisation is well-run and a belief that decisions have been fully investigated



Monthly Executive Boards


A business strategy workshop where members are trained using formal workbooks in key areas of business. This forces concentration on specific parts of their company. Members will analyse, in depth, the areas where their business is performing well or badly.

A mastermind where members get the opportunity to present a current business scenario / situation to their peers. The group will then give advice and feedback based on their experience. Members benefit from the experience of others. This process ensures that all options have been developed and critical mistakes are avoided early. Meetings are inspiring, helpful, uplifting, motivating, advising.



Confidential Support

Group members are business executives from non-competing industries that have the knowledge and skills to help solve big business challenges. In a trusted and confidential setting, members grapple with the issues that can make or break a business. Members will share seasoned advice and expertise providing actionable suggestions and solutions that will empower the achievement of goals in business and personal life. Advice, ideas and suggestions flow freely in this confidential environment. The honest, unbiased feedback from board members who face similar problems and issues, helps to crystallize business vision and give confidence that decisions made are well researched and appropriate.



Members are not alone! Members can take advantage of a monthly one-to-one coaching/mentoring session with a highly experienced coach. Here, members celebrate successes, examine opportunities or air concerns. The focus is on developing strategy and tactics together.

Over the past 10 years, The Alpha GOLD™ strategic process has been used to create many successful, profitable business. Members have become highly motivated, focused and confident in achieving business and personal goals.



Work with our business coaching tools to narrow your focus!

Having peers who hold you accountable for your decisions and actions is the most productive way to create change. The Alpha Group meetings are a place where CEO’s can turn to someone who understands the challenges they are facing, will always give you an unbiased opinion which in turn could save you so much time and money.

The goal of most companies is to increase the market value of your company and to become successful not right away sometimes. However, challenges and uncertainty are always part of long-term expansion and growth. There are times when, like many others, you are unclear about the best way to proceed, intermittently have self-doubt, and occasionally lack the tools and techniques for the tasks you are facing.

Because your peers are equal and are also business owners who are not competitors, you’ll respect their opinions and trust their own experience, unlike your relationship with others, you can’t make excuses with your peers. They know better and you know they know better. It’s why we know that peer groups work so well and why CEO’s who really want to grow and develop turn to The Alpha Groups, they seek accountability, and someone to hold them to the promised that they make, so they can reach the potential they desire.


The Alpha Group meetings are held monthly – same time, Same place.


Inspiring you and your company to thrive through the focus and power of your Alpha Group Board.


Assisting you to create, update or even formulate your Powerful Fast growth Business plan for your business.

Sample Agenda

*The number of masterminds we hold in a meeting is determined by how many members are in the group.

The maximum time a meeting will be, is 6.5 Hours.

Our Partners

Successful Alpha Group Members

The Alpha Groups provides small-medium businesses with the valuable guidance and support needed to chart a sustainable course for growth. The Alpha Group guides members to focus on strategy and profits.

IMG_5438 (1)

Commit to change

You realise that “you don’t know what you don’t know” and are open to receiving and sharing new ideas that will take your business to the next level. You are willing to change your thinking and take action.

Want the business to work for you

It is not a good idea to put a new roof on a house with a sinking foundation. If you want to strengthen all levels in order for the business to produce while you focus on growth, then we can help you realise your vision.

Adhere to the highest standards

If you want to succeed by taking shortcuts, this is not for you! If you want to do business at the highest level, this is the right place for you and your business.

Seek transformational change

This is not a networking group. This is a group of business owners and leaders who hold each other accountable and are committed to improve the lives of all members.


Want to know more?


Devapriya Khanna
The Alpha Group Regional Director Gurgaon, India

Mobile: (981) 879-9953
Email: devapriya.khanna@the-alpha-group.biz

About Devapriya

Devapriya Khanna is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, a certified board director, an early stage investor and a mentor for women in business.

Having spent 18 years of her career as a corporate leader with some of the most reputed global multinational organizations, building power brands and leading global teams, she has combined her corporate experience with her learnings from her entrepreneurial journey to emerge as an astute marketer, an experienced brand activator and an empathetic business leader.

Devapriya pivoted to entrepreneurship in 2014 when she founded 212° Brand Lab – an international brand and marketing consultancy firm helping startups and mid-sized enterprises leverage their brands to achieve business growth. Over the past several years, 212° Brand Lab has successfully concluded projects for a range of domestic and global clients and has helped several entrepreneurs and CXOs build impactful personal, leadership and business brands.

She is also the founder of the UK-based Connexus Global®️, an accelerator and professional community that helps women-led businesses start up and scale through access to mentoring, funding, business resources and global networks. Her personal mission is to accelerate 100 women-led businesses in 2022.

Devapriya’s professional certifications include the prestigious John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach, Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist, Scottish Quaifications Authority (SQA) certified Master Soft Skills Trainer, TPC certified Leadership Coach. She is an executive alumnus of the London Business School and holds membership of several industry bodies such as CII-IWN, the British Business Group, Forbes Business Council, Charter Member of TiE Delhi NCR.

Devapriya is a globally recognized voice on marketing, branding, entrepreneurship and gender diversity. She is a podcast host and a regular speaker at national and global business platforms including most recently, at the UK House of Lords and at the Women Economic Forum in London. She has served as a Business Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation, UK and the President of the India-UK Business Council for WICCI.

In 2019, she was awarded the Exceptional Woman of Excellence by the Women Economic Forum.

devapriya@212deg.com | www.212deg.com |www.theconnexushub.com